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Earworn Microphones

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Performance Vocal Earset Microphones

The SERIES8 earworn microphones are offered in both omnidirectional and cardioid patterns for all types of professional vocal applications for pastors and performers alike. These high performance earworn microphones capture all the nuances from spoken word to the extremely high vocals of singers.
earset microphone
An omnidirectional earworn microphone is a staple with many audio professionals. This one offers superior max SPL rating up to 148dB, IP57 waterproof rating, and a super bendable boom to 360°.  
earset microphone
The cardioid earworn mic solves the challenges of high noise environments. Excellent 135dB max SPL rating, and boom bendable to 360° without breakage.  


Watch this short video introduction and discover the great new combination of features offered only with SERIES8 earworn microphones.

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Every production department— whether at a house of worship, school, or theatre—should consider a earworn microphone in its arsenal. Our earworn microphones fit comfortably over one ear but can be just as easily adapted to a dual earset option, with left or right ear wearing. Our earworn mics have great flexibility to meet each individual user's wearing preference. In terms of this versatility, both our earworn and earset microphones are the ready tools that can solve miking challenges big and small without the hassle of managing an extended inventory of various technologies.

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Discover more headset and lavalier microphones in SERIES8 models. These great styles are now available in both omnidirectional and cardioid patterns.
headset microphone
lavalier microphone

Benefits of an Earset Microphone

Earworn microphones are an exceptional choice to control the audio output level of the speaker or singer. When the microphone element has controlled placement at the mouth—close to the sound source—a consistent output is nearly guaranteed. The bendable boom of our earworn microphones easily molds to the ear and face shape for an optimal fit. The earworn microphone follows head movement giving the user freedom to articulate every word or lyric without compromise.  
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