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Headset Microphones

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Performance Vocal Headset Microphones

In the category of miniature headset microphones, SERIES8 is a stand-out. These tiny headset microphones are small in size, but big in performance and durability. No matter which headset microphone you choose-omnidirectional or cardioid-you will enjoy many exceptional features uncommon to other headset mics on the market.
headset microphone
The omnidirectional Headset features reversible ear loops for left or right wearing, and are collapsible for storage or travel. Unprecedented 148dB max SPL, waterproof, and boom bendable to 360.  
headset microphone
The cardioid Headset mic is suited for high noise environments. It features reversible ear loops for left or right wearing. Optimal 135dB max SPL, and boom bendable to 360.  




A low profile headset microphone is a great tool for any speaker or stage performer. Coupled with a wireless system, it offers tremendous advantages in helping the performer connect with the audience. The hands are free to gesture, and there are no bulky visual distractions to steal the show. Each word or lyric is clearly projected at a consistent audio level because the microphone boom is securely positioned near the mouth. Here are two exceptional headset microphones ideal for all types of professional applications ranging from broadcast to Broadway.


More Performance Vocal Microphones

Discover more earworn, earset and lavalier microphones in SERIES8 models. These great styles are now available in both omnidirectional and cardioid patterns.
earset microphone
lavalier microphone

Benefits of a Headset Microphone

Our headset microphone is a great choice for active speakers or performers because the dual earhooks help the microphone sit firmly in place. The boom of the headset microphone can be adjusted for longer or shorter lengths to obtain-and maintain an optimal position at the corner of the mouth. A headset microphone offers the user complete freedom of movement with secure mic placement regardless of head movement.  
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