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Build actor microphones

Select from an unbeatable combination of features not available with any other miniature mic on the market

earmount lavalier microphone
Custom-Fit Actor Mics

headset microphone


Waterproof Protection

earset microphone


Boom Bends 360°

lavalier microphone


Only 4mm in Diameter


Supporting the "Happy Tunes" on National Tour




CM-i3 intercom headset

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lavalier mic clips

Sleek, Not Slippery


They say success is in the details, so check out these new proprietary mic clips exclusively from PSA. Designed for lavaliers, these "Slider" clips will grab hold of your mic and hold them nice—but tight. See Sliders


CANCUN by Digigram

"I would absolutely recommend this product to other audio professionals; it is a different kind of tool but one that makes your portable laptop test rig more adaptable to a variety of different applications."

Tech you gotta touch


Who Uses Point Source

Alley Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Sound Supervisor says EMBRACE earmounts "worth their weight in gold" even for character with donkey ears in A Midsummer Night's Dream
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paradise interrupted

Dreamlike Chinese opera comes to life at Lincoln Center with help from PSA's omni and cardiod lavs Read More


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Customer Reviews

"I cannot even begin to tell you how great the mic is. It is sensitive and picks up my vocals with no problems. I needed something that would "disappear" for when videos are done. The durability is fantastic!!!"

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