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IP Audio

IP Solutions for audio networking in broadcast and pro-audio.


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Highest quality sound cards for all types of professional applications.



A simple industry standard for networking live digital audio.

IP Audio Solutions



The advent of IP Audio has catapulted broadcast and audio distribution platforms to new heights. Leveraging on the IP network infrastructure ubiquitous across the world, the Digigram IP Audio solutions stream professional quality audio better, faster and cheaper than conventional analog methods or ISDN. Background music, paging, broadcast STL links, public address, intercom and live broadcast are among the various applications ideally suited for the Digigram IP audio platforms.



IP Audio PYKO-in

Professional IP Audio Encoder


IP Audio PYKO-out

Professional IP Audio Decoder



IP Audio Advantages

IP infrastructure is scalable, ubiquitous, widely accepted and deployed. Consequently, Audio over IP achieves these same advantages by leveraging on a technology that is available and affordable throughout the world. As the migration away from analog leased lines and ISDN continue, Audio over IP is an increasingly smarter choice for pro-audio professionals and broadcasters. The Digigram IP Audio solutions are developed using standards-based technology unhindered by proprietary barriers, making it ever more simpler to integrate audio onto existing IP network infrastructures. These IP audio codecs are capable of delivering unicast, multicast and uni-multicast IP streams. This streamlined approach ensures both flexibility and ease in deployment and management of your audio network.

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