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Digigram’s new IQOYA IP Audio Codes provide the most advanced STL solutions for broadcast operations—whether the driving need is affordability, 2-channel, or multi-channel applications.

From the leader in broadcast sound cards, and the developer of EtherSound Ethernet-based audio products, Digigram’s IQOYA marks the dawning of a new range of STL technology from a manufacturer that has served the broadcast market for over 30 years. IQOYA takes IP audio distribution to new heights with more fail-over solutions on a field-proven hardware/software combination than any other device on the market:

•• EtherCon connectors for RJ45
•• Backup on SD card
•• Backup NAS hard-drive
•• Backup on USB memory stick
•• Local input with hardware bypass in case of power failure
•• Full remote administration and management

IQOYA IP Audio leverages existing IP infrastructures, whether it’s the ubiquitous Internet or a dedicated wide-area network, to deliver rock-solid STLs that broadcasters can count on.


IQOYA IP Audio Codecs

IQOYA offers 3 IP Audio Codec options:




Cost-effective IP audio codec
With its decode-only approach, simplified ergonomics and features targeted at unattended transmitter sites, the *LINK/LE is for broadcasters looking for a mix of 24/7 reliability, wide choice of audio formats and affordability. An AAC codec package is included and enhanced apt-X decoding is also available. Its hardware is combined with FluidIP, Digigram's IP audio codec engine that can send and receive IP streams simultaneously on two separate RJ-45 ports. Should anything happen to the main IP audio stream, a secondary IP stream, or the analog or AES audio input, or even playlists stored on an SD card will guarantee 100 percent on-air time. Its power consumption is below 15W.

IP Audio STL


IP Audio IQOYA *Link


2-channel IP audio codec
IQOYA *LINK, a 2-channel IP Audio codec for STL (Studio to Transmitter Links) or SSL (Studio to Studio) applications, offers more fail-over options than any other codec on the market. IQOYA *LINK is built on a rock-solid specialized hardware platform combined with Visiblu including FluidIP, Digigram’s robust IP audio codec engine.

With IQOYA *LINK, you can now build low-latency point-to-point IP links with unwavering reliability while containing costs. Affordable and flexible IP audio solutions such as IQYOYA *LINK with Quality of Service (QoS) addresses the costly ownership of traditional systems (satellite, switched telecom circuits, etc.), potential technical glitches, and reduced availability of ISDN lines troubling many broadcast networks.

IP Audio STL


IP Audio IQOYA *Serv/Link

IQOYA *Serv/Link

Multiple stereo or multichannel IP audio codec
IQOYA *SERV/LINK is a multiple stereo or multichannel (e.g. 5.1 or 7.1) time-aligned phase coherent IP audio distribution codec for STL/SSL IP audio distribution applications, postproduction, or multi-channel streaming server.

When multiple Studio to Transmitter links (STL) or Studio to Studio links (SSL) are required from a single point, IQOYA *SERV/LINK leverages on a single processing device hardware resources, thus facilitating deployments and keeping costs at a reasonable level, compared to several stacked stereo "boxes".

The grouping of several distribution codec instances also allows for advanced features such as program cross-fades or program backup sharing that would simply be unachievable with multiple, independent codecs.

IQOYA *SERV/LINK works great with "webradio" projects as it supports both Shoutcast and Icecast streaming.

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