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Featured Customer Reviews

Carolina Panther's Panther Vision Standardizes on CM-i3 Headsets
The Carolina Panthers’ critically acclaimed in-house production team known as Panther Vision standardizes on Point Source Audio's CM-i3 Comms Headset for its camera team to ensure consistency in audio levels between the camera operators and the production control room. Berkley Dickens, head broadcast engineer for Panther Vision, describes in his own words how the headset improved hearing and reaction time for his production staff.  Read the full review...


Point Source Mics for Jesus Christ Superstar at Paramount Theatre
For the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Paramount Theater, the sound designer chose a combination of Point Source Audio's CO-8WD headset and CO-8WL lavalier microphones. The sound designer wrote us to say "Everything is holding up well and sounds great!"


Game of Thrones (GOT): Music is Coming!
For Game of Thrones LIVE Concert Experience Multidirectional Flute Soloist Pedro Eustache is the featured winds soloist playing an amazing 15 acoustic, world & electronic wind instruments, and relying on Point Source Audio's cardioid headset for his instrument mic'ing. Read the full review...


The King and I Musical National Tour
Joining the national tour of this 4 time Tony Award winning musical production are Point Source CO-8WL lavaliers. Winner of the 2015 Tony Award® for Best Musical Revival, The King and I features the beloved Rodgers & Hammerstein's classics including “Getting To Know You,” “I Whistle a Happy Tune,” “Hello Young Lovers,” “Shall We Dance” and “Something Wonderful.”


Violinist Joshua Bell Wears EMBRACE Mic
The world-famous, Grammy Award–winning violinist Joshua Bell is mic'd with an EMBRACE Microphone while performing 'Seasons of Cuba' live at the Lincoln Center for the 2016 PBS Arts Fall Festival. The sound engineer for Bell found EMBRACE to be a clever way to mic his violin WITHOUT mic'ing the violin. Don't see the mic? That's the whole point of EMBRACE Mics!

Hong Kong Embraces Point Source Audio

A "Discreet" Recording Project Possible with Point Source
It was highly hush hush for sound designer Alan Chang's Hong Kong recording project. To disappear among the locals of Hong Kong, Chang got very creative with PSA gear to capture the distinctive characteristic and signature of this bustling city: "We extensively used the EMBRACE CO-8 microphones, earmounts, and CM-i3 comms headset. The CM-i3 headset served as our go-to mount for binaural recordings. I was able to roam around the streets and venues freely and record a precise 3-D stereo sound recording of that space and location."

Alley Theatre EMBRACES Point Source Audio

Alley Theatre Sound Supervisor Praises EMBRACE Mics: “Worth their Weight in Gold”
Sound supervisor Pierre Dupree of Houston’s Alley Theatre, who is no stranger to the world of arts and crafts in theatre mic’ing, recently said Point Source Audio’s patent-pending EMBRACE Earmounts are “worth their weight in gold.” Each of the theatre’s cast of 15 resident actors now have custom mics assigned to them no matter where they go. According to Dupree, this is possible because “EMBRACE is completely customizable, quick to build, durable; and most definitively, our actors love them.” The theatre is planning to expand their inventory of PSA mics to accommodate the increasing requests they are receiving from sound designers. Dupree summed up his findings from A/B testing Point Source against the top brands, saying “We barely needed to EQ the PSA mics and there is much less bass roll off.” Read the full review...

Embrace Actor Microphones

Presto Change-O! EMBRACE Microphones Disappear in Musical by Barrington Stage Co. When the brand-new musical is called Presto Change-O—and is about a family of magicians, and a member of the creative team is an illusionist—you almost need a magic trick to choose the microphone too. The mic would need to be tiny enough to not interfere with illusions, secure enough to stay in place during the illusions—and, oh yeah, capture voices magically as well. Embrace will hold the same position, night after night. "I know that when I have to leave after opening night, the show will sound the same throughout the run": Download the full review from sound designer Brad Berridge

paradise interrupted
Paradise Interrupted

Paradise Interrupted, Lincoln Center Festival
Point Source Audio lavaliers took center stage at the Lincoln Center Festival's opening of Paradise Interrupted, the dreamlike Chinese opera designed by visual artist and Emmy winner Jennifer Wen Ma. The breaktaking visuals come to life through sound using the opera singer’s breath to express her mood via light and movement to fill the stage. The heroine wears two Point Source Audio microphones to project her voice both vocally and visually. The CO-8WL omni lavalier was chosen for the singer’s voice going into the sound system, while the CR-8L cardioid lavalier was used to isolate her voice going into the video computer.

Philly Pops Point Source Lavalier mics

Point Source Mics Violins and Violas for U.S.’s Largest Standalone POPS Orchestra
Houser Audio, the official audio provider for the Philly POPS picked the CO-8WL omnidirectional lavalier microphone to amplify the string ensemble of the Philly POPS’ 65-piece orchestra. Andre Houser is founder and chief engineer of Houser Audio in Aston, PA, and the trusted audio provider for the Philly POPS since 2008. In mic’ing the orchestra’s string ensemble, Houser spoke excitedly about adding Point Source Audio citing “The Point Source mics sounded amazing—very natural—I was blown away.” Read the full review...


Hadestown, New York Theatre Workshop
Noted sound designer Robert Kaplowitz selected Point Source Audio's SERIES8 headset microphones and lavalier microphones for the heated performances in the folk opera "Hadestown" by celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell. "Hadestown" follows Orpheus' mythical quest to overcome Hades and regain the favor of his one true love, Eurydice. Damon Daunno and Nabiyah Be sing “Wedding Song” wearing PSA headset microphones.

toneel groep

Husbands and Wives, Toneelgroep Amsterdam
Relationships are hard, but the SERIES8 waterproof lavalier microphones weather through the challenging scenes of Woody Allen's 1992 comedy-drama Husbands and Wives. The Dutch actors play out the wrenching heartaches throughout marriage and divorce—complete with a 12-minute downpour live on stage.


Tug of War, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
Point Source Audio's SERIES8 omnidirectional headset microphones were chosen for this epic 12-hour Shakespeare production split into 2 action-packed dramas that trace the rise and fall of kings, and the uncommon courage of common men.



National Theatre of Oslo, Norway
The National Theatre in Oslo, one of Norway's largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts, took SERIES8 to task during production of William Shakespeare's Richard III. The gory details reveal the SERIES8 makeup proof heasdset mic makes the cut!

intercom headset at Elevation church

CM-iX Intercom Headset Transformational for Techs at Elevation Church
FOH Assistant tech emphasizes that the CM-iX and CM-i3 are great replacements for the single ear Clear-Com units he was using: "I’ll be able to use my CM-iX and in ear monitors whether I’m in FOH, running a camera, or operating a CG station in the control room!” Read the full review...


Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre Logged 400 Performances in 2015
With numbers like these, Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre had to have a lavalier mic they could trust. Dutch Apple is now in its 30th year—providing top quality productions, award-winning food and exceptional service to over 150,000 guests annually in its 330 seat theatre.

Les Magritte du Cinema

Belgian Movie Awards 2016
Belgium's WNM were tapped for the 6th consecutive year to be the audiovisual provider for the country's prestigious “Les Magritte du Cinema." This year, WNM chose SERIES8 headset microphones for the job and was rewarded with satisfying approval by the presenters who found the shape around the ear more comfortable than other brands previously used. The "UNbreakable Boom" flexibility also contributed some unforseen advantages including the ability to avoid scratches from the beards of the stylishly unshaven.

Berklee School of Music

Berklee College of Music Standardizes on Point Source Audio Microphones
Cardioid headsets expected to support up to 300 student-run productions each year
“After doing our tests, we found the CR-8D to give the least coloration and the highest gain before feedback. With the CR-8D headsets, the sound is much more natural after feedback corrections."

Sweeney Todd
SF Opera

San Francisco Opera
Point Source Audio mics premiered on opening night of Sweeney Todd in the Fall of 2015 and continue to provide just the right amount of vocal reinforcement through all the blood, sweat and tears that accompany every production!

Chicago Musical

West End Sound Designer Rick Clarke Selects Point Source Audio for “Chicago”
SERIES8 microphones edge out industry standard with improved intelligibility
Point Source Audio’s SERIES8 microphones chosen as new standard after they outperformed the mics that were being used in “Chicago” during the musical production’s Germany tour last fall. Read the full review...

intercom headset
intercom headset

Superbowl 2016 Audio Tech
Dave Perry wearing CM-i3
  WWE Lighting director
Chip Perry wearing CM-i3


NY City Fest


Production Manager Kevin B. Hart at NY CityFest with Point Source Audio’s CM-i3
Technical crews collaborate to stage one of the biggest Christian rallies New York City has seen in 10 years
"I was able to integrate my 1964 EARS in-ear monitors with the CM-iX, and wore the headset without ever taking them off—for the entire festival from 3:00pm to 10:00 pm!"

instrument mic
instrument mic

Germany’s The Twiolins Make Music with Point Source Audio
Violin Pair Opt for SERIES8 Headset Microphone for its Natural Tone
"The CO-8WD is extremely close to the original sound even without equalization—it is absolutely at the top of its class!”

Earworn Mics in Vegas Show

Point Source Audio Named Official Earworn Mic for Largest Show Production
Company in Las Vegas

SERIES8 Holds Up to Nightly Action at David Saxe's Famed Shows on Las Vegas Strip
"We tried everything we could get our hands on but only the CO-8WS could reliably handle the workload.”



Point Source Audio Mics Worked Wonders for Sound Designer
Award-winning Sound Designer Lindsay Jones Explains his Microphone Choice for Wonderland, Alice's Rock & Roll Adventure
"The PSA mics sounded great out of the box. We only had to do a minimum amount of EQ-ing—if any—on the actors to get them up and running. That was a huge time-saver and a real relief."

CM-i3 intercom headset

Camera Operator Uses CM-i3 Comms Headset to Stay at the Top of His Game
CM-i3 In-Ear Intercom Headset Improves Workflow, Hygiene and Hearing Health
“With the CM-i3, I am able to lower the overall volume level, and the sound quality is actually better—and my left ear isn’t ringing when the show is over, saving me from hearing damage.”

King and I
headset microphone
headset microphone

Point Source Audio Microphones Fit for a "King and I" at Southeast Missiouri State
Large Musical Theatre Program Relies on SERIES8 for its Cast of 52
“It was hot and sweaty with actors in very heavy costumes, but no one sweated out a mic!"

Seven World Premier

Point Source Microphones Exceed Expectations for World Premiere of "SEVEN"
"We received rave reviews from the audience as well as the performers, unusual in my experience since most folks take sound for granted.”

CM-i3 intercom headset

Point Source's CM-i3 Comm Headset is a Slam Dunk
CM-i3 headset scores for technician on Globetrotters tour
“The earbuds are a slick solution; there’s no more getting tangled up when in a hurry, I love being able to remove an earbud in a split second in order to react to a mixing challenge.”

Pastor Microphone

Point Source Audio SERIES8 Microphones Chosen by Chase Oaks Texas Mega-Church
Audio engineer and leadership team select PSA’s low-profile mics after extensive evaluation

Lou Mannarino Approves PSA Mics

Point Source Audio SERIES8 Microphones Endorsed by Lou Mannarino
Renowned audio engineer Lou Mannarino trusts Point Source Audio for his work with The New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

headset microphone   headset microphone   headset mic in production

Universal's Frog Choir Adopts SERIES8 Microphones

CO-8WD headset mic chosen for its water/sweat resistance.   Headset microphone is ultra lightweight.   "SERIES8 got rave reviews from cast and techs alike."
headset microphone

Baritone Park Kyung Jun

First Place, 2011 Verdi International Vocal Competition   Performance earworn microphone delivers for the renowned Baritone.
headset microphone

South Korea Theme Park

Actors wear Point Source Audio waterproof microphones to prepare for finale...   Water canons are shot off at the finale to the roar of a drenched, but delighted audience.
Earset Mic in Theatre

Point Source Audio Goes to "The World's End" for Its Customers
Waterproof Mic Renders the Inclement Weather Irrelevant in Norway; Gives Sound Engineer Peace of Mind

Earset Mic in Theatre

Irish Theatre Discovers Waterproof Mic
Performs Impeccably in Major Downpours Renowned Sound Designer Impressed

earworn mics on singers
Capone's Dinner & Show
"The Point Source mics are used in our productions seven nights a week year-round. The sound quality is excellent and the bendability of the boom makes it super easy to fit our rotation of actors and frequent costume changes. We've tried other brands of earworn microphones, but these are by far the best!"
earworn mic in theatre
Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
The Point Source Audio microphone was chosen for this reason: The flexibility is amazing. The wire can be twisted over and over again without any residual mark. Another plus is the shorter throw of the PSA mic boom - this fits extremely well with the kids. I got no complaints from the cast."
earworn mic on pastor   earset mic on pastor   earset mic for cooking demo
Pastor wearing earworn microphone   Pastor wearing earset microphone   Iron Chef Cat Cora wearing the "Unbreakable Boom" microphone

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