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Featured Customers
Chicago Musical

West End Sound Designer Rick Clarke Selects Point Source Audio to Take on “Chicago”
SERIES8 microphones edge out industry standard with improved intelligibility.

West End sound designer Rick Clarke has chosen Point Source Audio’s SERIES8 microphones as his new standard after they outperformed the mics that were being used in “Chicago” during the musical production’s Germany tour this fall. The 35-year veteran sound designer announced, “I will be specifying these [SERIES8] mics on my next shows.” Read more...

intercom headset
intercom headset

Production Manager at the Heart of NY CityFest with Point Source Audio’s Intercom Headset Solution
Veteran show production manager and owner of Epoch Creative, Kevin B. Hart relied on his new in-ear CM-iX Intercom Headset from Point Source Audio to comfortably tackle his seventh NY CityFest, a religious music event that wowed the sold out crowd flocking to the Great Lawn at Central Park. "The CM-iX was exactly what I was looking for," said Hart to help with his high pressure task of ensuring concert-goers non-stop entertainment with just eight minutes spaced between each band performance during the six hour music festival. Participating artists included Grammy Award winning artists TobyMac, Israel Houghton, Mandisa, Marcos Witt and Matt Redman. Read more...

Twiolins Violin Microphone

Germany’s The Twiolins Make Music with Point Source Audio
"When performing on large stages we always use two CO-8WD headset mics with our wireless systems,” affirmed Christoph Dingler, violinist and sound prodigy. He further praised, “The frequency response of the entire spectrum of our violins is completely captured and conveyed, and the high linear resolution from the miniature-sized capsule is excellent. The CO-8WD is extremely close to the original sound even without equalization—it is absolutely at the top of its class!”

Earworn Mics in Vegas Show

Point Source Audio Named Official Earworn Mic for Largest Show Production Company in Las Vegas
Point Source Audio is named the official earworn mic for David Saxe Productions (DSP.) DSP is the largest show production company in Las Vegas and is home to the critically acclaimed “Vegas! The Show”, “Zombie Burlesque”, the “Mentalist”, and over 30 award winning shows. DSP trusts the technology and innovation from Point Source Audio for their famed shows exclusively when earworn microphones are used. Joe Bresnick, Head of Audio for David Saxe Productions, selected Point Source Audio as their microphone of choice because it can handle the workload. The mics are used for long hours each day and because of the extreme flexibility of the boom, each microphone can be manipulated again and again for use on either ear and adjusted to each actor’s comfort—something that is important to both the actors as well as show management. To see Joe Bresnick’s review of the CO-8WS, visit: bit.ly/1eNDUw0

cardioid microphones used in Wonderland production

Point Source Audio Mics Worked Wonders for Sound Designer
Lindsay Jones, principal of Lindsay Jones—Unique Music and Sound Design, was tasked with figuring out a sound system for 11 actors who also play all the musical instruments in the show and chose Point Source Audio’s CR-8S Cardioid Earworn and CR-8L Cardioid Lavalier Microphones. “The PSA mics sounded great out of the box. We only had to do a minimum amount of EQ-ing—if any—on the actors to get them up and running. That was a huge time-saver and a real relief for me.” Jones loved the accuracy of the mics, explaining, “The PSA sound is very transparent and warm. When you're working in theatre, there is a huge emphasis on the mic sound seeming as natural as possible in order to not distract from the performance. Point Source does an excellent job of amplifying without changing the tonal color of the voice. Read more...

CM-i3 intercom headset

Camera Operator Uses CM-i3 Comms Headset to Stay at the Top of His Game
“After years of working with inferior headsets supplied with the camera, I discovered the CM-i3 allowed me to hear a fellow camera operator for the first time clearly—an astounding moment!” raved Fegett. At loud events, the comms audio input has to be channeled at high decibel levels into the single earmuff—which is the only headset option if the camera operator has to keep one side of the head open in order to see into the viewfinder. “With the CM-i3 in-earphones, I am able to lower the overall volume level during the show, and the sound quality is actually better," Fegett added, "and my left ear isn’t ringing when the show is over saving me from hearing damage.”

King and I

Point Source Audio Microphones Fit for a "King and I"
The mics were seriously road tested during a production of The King and I at Southeast Missouri State University. The cast, including children, consisted of 52 people. The stage crew comprised an additional 20 hands. “There were lots of lights and a full house—900 bodies,” proclaimed Jonathan. “It was hot and sweaty with some actors in very heavy, hot costumes. No one sweated out a mic, and since we did not depend on tape on the face to hold them in place we didn’t have people sweating out of the tape.” Read more...

Seven World Premier

Point Source Microphones Exceed Expectations for World Premiere of "SEVEN"
“Astounded, then speechless” is how Alan Chang, Sound Designer, describes his first experience using Point Source Audio’s SERIES8 earset microphones. “It’s hard to believe so much technology can be contained in something this miniature”, he said. “Despite the marbled floor and challenging room acoustics, each word and lyric was clearly reproduced for the attendees excited to hear these performers' every word. We received rave reviews from the audience as well as the performers, unusual in my experience since most folks take sound for granted.” Read more...

CM-i3 intercom headset

Point Source's CM-i3 Comm Headset is a Slam Dunk
Freelance technician Andrew McCharen proclaims, “The CM-i3 is superior to anything I’ve used.” He explained, “Typically headsets are provided by the house and you never know what type they’ll be or worse, what shape they’ll be in. They’re not high on the audio gear food chain—unless you’re the one mixing!” Working the Globetrotters tour offers new challenges on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute basis and with a lightweight 2oz. headset like the CM-i3, McCharen finds comfort both literally and figuratively. Read more...

Pastor Microphone

Audio engineer Kevin Sanchez was wowed by Point Source Audio’s miniature headset that was both bendable and waterproof. He verified the boom didn’t break after bending it 90° and after wearing for 30 minutes, it passed the comfort challenge. But the definitive factor for Sanchez and the leadership team was the headset mic's performance quality. "I was shocked at how much gain I could get before feedback and the clarity of the headset,” remarked Sanchez. Read more...

- Chase Oaks Church, Texas

Lou Mannarino Approves PSA Mics

“We are blown away by your mics.”

Lou Mannarino trusts Point Source Audio for his work with The New York Philharmonic. SERIES8 miniature microphones are specified for use by Mannarino’s distinguished production company L&M Sound & Light for applications with the New York Philharmonic and in similarly prestigious institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Historical Society and New York Public Library, to name a few. “The SERIES8 mics stand alone thanks to excellent build quality, durability, and the X-connectors that offer easy wireless compatibility. "In our world, people do not want to hear amplification, they just want to hear natural sound. The SERIES8 needs no improvement.“ Read more...

headset microphone   headset microphone   headset mic in production

Universal's Frog Choir Adopts SERIES8 Microphones

CO-8WD headset mic chosen for its water/sweat resistance.   Headset microphone is ultra lightweight.   "SERIES8 got rave reviews from cast and techs alike."
headset microphone

Baritone Park Kyung Jun

First Place, 2011 Verdi International Vocal Competition   Performance earworn microphone delivers for the renowned Baritone.
headset microphone

South Korea Theme Park

Actors wear Point Source Audio waterproof microphones to prepare for finale...   Water canons are shot off at the finale to the roar of a drenched, but delighted audience.
Earset Mic in Theatre

Known to Norwegians as "The World's End" (Verdens Ende), the southernmost tip of the island of Tjøme 60 miles south of Oslo, can be a forbidding place-but not for actor Gard Eidsvold wearing Point Source Audio's CO-5W-KIT waterproof earset microphone. There, at the sea's edge in a driving rain, he was perched precariously above the rocks on a thin plank, vigorously rowing his symbolic little boat while reciting the lines of the iconic Norwegian ballad Terje Vigen. Both the actor and the mic performed flawlessly before a rapt audience which sat under hoods and umbrellas a mere 30 meters from the shoreline. Read more...

- Quantum Satis Media, Norway

Earset Mic in Theatre

"For the Port Laois Musical Society's hit musical Singin' in the Rain, I chose a Point Source CO-5W earset microphone for the show's leading actor. Three major downpours of rain featured in the two and a half hour show and the CO-5W never let us down. Not only did the mic withstand the rain, it fits really well and sounds crystal clear. It is very crisp and is a very live mic with plenty of level. In fact we had to back the Sennheiser transmitter sensitivity down quite a bit to handle the input. I would strongly recommend these mics to anyone in a similar circumstance or for any theatrical or broadcast application. Read more...

- Sound and Music Company, Ireland

earworn mics on singers
"The Point Source mics are used in our productions seven nights a week year-round. The sound quality is excellent and the bendability of the boom makes it super easy to fit our rotation of actors and frequent costume changes. We've tried other brands of earworn microphones, but these are by far the best!"
- Capone's Dinner & Show, Florida
earworn mic in theatre
"The Point Source Audio microphone was chosen for this reason: The flexibility is amazing. The wire can be twisted over and over again without any residual mark. Another plus is the shorter throw of the PSA mic boom - this fits extremely well with the kids. I got no complaints from the cast."
- Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
earworn mic on pastor   earset mic on pastor   earset mic for cooking demo
Pastor wearing earworn microphone   Pastor wearing earset microphone   Iron Chef Cat Cora wearing the "Unbreakable Boom" microphone

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