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church production


EMBRACE Microphones: "Fitting the rigs on the actors was very simple. After a few trims and bending of the rig, the fit was perfect."

I would specify Embrace in the future. It is a great product that solves a frequent problem: comfortable and reliable ear rigs. Its sonic performance and resistance to sweat-outs makes it a great choice for any situation. With microphone placements just a few centimeters apart sometimes making a big difference, Embrace will hold the same position, night after night. I know that when I have to leave after opening night, the show will sound the same throughout the run.

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church production


EMBRACE Microphones: "Wearing a trimmed earpiece with microphone attached, I stopped feeling it within less than a minute..."

The mic stayed firmly in position with vigorous head movement, and was unnoticeably light. The major benefit of the Embrace design is that an earpiece can be customized to fit a particular individual in moments, and then be ready for use. The Embrace Earset Microphone lives up to its purpose as a very fast and effective way to build custom-fit, unobtrusive microphones for actors and other presenters. It sounds very good, is quite flexible in its application, comes with a variety of accessories, and has the adaptors to work with virtually any wireless transmitter.

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church production


CM-i3: "The CM-i3 offers a great balance of noise isolation when you need it and the ability to hear the ambient sounds when you don't..."

All of the intercom headsets with the best form, function, and features are big bulky heavyweights. They have to be; it’s the only way to fit all the functionality and features onboard. Point Source Audio is out to change expectations with its new CM-i3 intercom headset. Coming in it at just 2 ounces, this super light featherweight packs a lot of punch. Its patent-pending design and innovative use of standard ear buds make the CM-i3 a real contender.

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Review of the Point Source Audio CM i3 Headset | Tech, No Babel


"If your church is looking for a comm headset try this one out, I don’t think you’ll regret it" - Paul Alan Clifford, Founder of Trinitydigitalmedia.com


Live Sound International


CM-i3: "All intercom systems users need to check out the new CM-i3…"

Out of the box I was struck by just how light the headset is. At only two ounces, it weighs less than one-quarter of the weight of my usual single muff headset! It’s very easy to adjust to get a nice snug fit. Once adjusted, the headset stays put but doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the head, so there’s no fatigue in wearing it. It is flexible and convenient to use, has excellent audio quality, and it significantly enhances intercom communications as well as the ability to hear the surrounding environment when needed.

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FOH Magazine


CM-i3: "There was great separation of voice and
background noise..."

If you require a headset that isolates you from the environment enough that you need to pull out an ear bud to talk with one of the actors or just allows you to keep your beltpack turned down really low, then this might be an answer to your needs. The other important part of any headset is the microphone. When I tested it, there was great separation of the voice of the person wearing the headset and the background noise in the room when compared with the other headsets being used.

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stage directions


CM-i3: "This headset will definitely relieve neck strain..."

If you have ever needed to use a comm headset in a loud environment, you know that any headset that provides isolation is usually rather bulky. These aviation inspired headsets do a great job when you are running a spot for a loud performance, but they can be heavy and cumbersome. Point Source Audio is promoting a lightweight alternative with their new CM-i3 intercom headset. The model I tested was the CM-i34F...

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Best Microphone



The CO-8WD headset microphone has won the coveted New Product Award in the category of Best Microphone. The winners were recently announced on October 1 at the 2014 Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) in Dallas, Texas. Point Source Audio was one of 25 companies to receive the New Product Award but the only microphone manufacturer to receive this honor. Its CO-8WD headset microphone was selected based on a two-part evaluation of the product's attributes, design, and functionality; and also its impact and benefits to the church market.

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OFOH Magazine


SERIES8 Mics: "Keep these on your 'A' list"

"Over the past few years, Point Source Audio has gained a reputation for supplying tough, good-sounding miniature microphones in headset, earworn and lavalier styles. Now, with its new flagship SERIES8 line, the company is poised to take things up a notch — or two. As mentioned earlier, the SERIES8 mics are designed for vocal performance. Models optimized for spoken word application are also offered, but the SERIES8 capsules are intended for wide, response/wide dynamic range use such as singing, which can present an exceptionally demanding source to any microphone, let alone a miniature transducer."   •• Read the full review

Live Sound International
  SERIES8 Mic: "I didn't really need any EQ at all for the mic to sound fantastic."

"There's been a lot of progress on the miniature microphone front, highlighted by a steady stream of new models from companies like Point Source Audio. I recently checked out three models in the company's SERIES8, including the CR-8L cardioid lavalier, the CO-8WS omnidirectional earworn, and the CO-8WD omnidirectional dual-ear headset. All are capable of handling the higher sound pressure levels of singing performers, with the omni models designed to be moisture and makeup proof (they carry an IP57 waterproof rating)." •• Read the full review
Stage Directions
  SERIES8 Mics: "And that “unbreakable boom” isn’t far
from the truth.

"The earworn models adjust for secure mounting and the flexible boom can be easily adjusted to suit. The boom length (between base of ear and capsule) is about 3.25 inches, which was fine for most people, but a bit short for performers with larger heads. The headset models offer a much wider range of adjustment and are quite secure, even with the most active performers. The headset earpieces swivel flat for storage and are released by a slight 1/4-inch tug to lock them in place. And that “unbreakable boom” isn’t far from the truth. I couldn’t believe how much torture these could take without a hitch." •• Read the full review
Church Production Magazine
  SERIES8 Mics: "When used for singing or speech, the mic sounds smooth, full--even pleasing in nature."

"The first thing I noted is that the dual-ear headset shipped flat, and is made of strong yet extremely light spring wire with the cable and boom attached to it with small clips. The assemblies are available in black or beige. Playing with the earpieces, I discovered that a slight pull and turn will move them to the proper position, where they will lock into place. With the ability to shift and lock 90 degrees in either direction, the mic boom can be placed on either the left or right side of the face. When you’re done, it can store flat. Very clever." •• Read the full review
music connection
  "Great for hands-free speaking or singing"

"I tried the Reversible Earset Clip here at my Tones 4 Studios and found it very comfortable to wear--I could even adjust it to fit around my big floppy ears too! I like it on my right ear side (I'm right-handed) and the ear hook (the part that goes around your ear) has a locking mechanism that rotates and stays oriented at the proper angle even after you take it off. A big plus in my book! Good looking and great for hands-free speaking or singing in front of a few people in an office or thousands in an arena or church, the Reversible Earset Mic Clip is right for all occasions with its rugged design and complete adjustability." •• Read the full review



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