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CM-i3 Intercom Headset


Specifications •• Accessories •• Product Reviews

The CM-i3 is the world's first modular intercom headset. This intercom headset has a patent protected slim-line design that allows for three listening modes. Rather than having to remove the entire headset to check environmental sounds or interact with others, simply remove one or both earphones to exit the listening mode or monitor a mix of feed audio and surrounding acoustics. The CM-i3 intercom headset is designed for concert venues, front of house operations, multimedia production and other professional trades relying on convenient two-way communications.







 •• In-ear design eliminates fatigue
 •• Weighs only 2oz.
 •• 12dB off-axis noise rejection
 •• Replaceable earphones

 •• Kink-free cable design
 •• Works with iPhones and iPads

Models & Terminations
CM-i3-4F: 4-pin female XLR
for Clear-Com systems
CM-i3-4M: 4-pin male XLR
for RTS mono systems
CM-i3-5F: 5-pin female XLR
for Telex systems
CM-i3-5Mm: 5-pin male XLR
for mono Telex TR700/800 & TR80N

CM-i3-5Ms: 5-pin male XLR
for stereo RTS systems

CM-i3-CAM-5Ms: 5-pin male XLR
includes extender cable

CM-i3-PH: 3.5mm plug for iPhone and iPad intercom apps

Work with more than one comms system? See Accessories for adapter options to easily switch up your headset.

comms headset adapter

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intercom headset

CM-i3 Intercom Headset

U.S. Pat: 9,271,065

The CM-i3 Intercom Headset offers a revolutionary combination of noise-isolation, lightweight comfort and earphone modularity.

camera man wearing headset
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Earphone Specifications

Speaker type: Single driver ported
Sensitivity: 120dB SPL@1VRMS (at 1 kHz)
Impedance: 32Ω
Color: Silver housing with gold band, black cable
Cable length (total): 1.2 Meters
L/R cable: 50cm
Input connector: 3.5mm
Transducer housing: Metal
Accessories: 3 sizes of eartips


Microphone Specifications

Element: Moving coil dynamic
Directional characteristics: Cardioid
Sensitivity: -60dB 1V/Pa
Frequency: 300Hz - 10kHz
Impedance: 200Ω

For the ultimate in modularity, the CM-i3 intercom headset is designed using Point Source Audio’s pro performance EM-3 in-earphones; however, users will have the capability of switching out the supplied earphones with in-earphones of their own choice--if desired. The swappable in-earphones offer the ability to create a custom product to meet personal preferences for audio quality and greatly improves the product's serviceability and life.


Headset Accessories

Explore these additional accessories to enhance your intercom headset.


CM-iX intercom headset
EM-3 earphones
intercom headset storage case
intercom headset travel pouch
Model # CM-iX
Headset microphone assembly with earphone installation tool. Earphones not included.
Model # EM-3
EM-3 Earphones terminated with 3.5mm mini connector
Model # CM-CASE
Intercom headset storage case. Custom designed case for optimum protection.
Model # CM-PCH
Intercom headset travel pouch. All-purpose 6-pocket pouch with shoulder strap.
XLR adapter cable
XLR adapter cable
XLR adapter cable
XLR adapter cable
Model #
Adapter cable with 4-pin male XLR to 5-pin Male mono XLR
Model #

Adapter cable with 5-pin female XLR to 4-pin female XLR
Model #

Adapter cable with 4-pin male XLR to male 3.5mm TRRS
Model #

Adapter cable with 5-pin female XLR to male 3.5mm TRRS
XLR adapter cable
XLR adapter cable
XLR extender cable
Model #
Adapter cable with female 3.5mm TRRS to 4-pin female XLR
Model #
Adapter cable with female 3.5mm TRRS to 5-pin Male mono XLR
Model # CM-EXT-4
Model # CM-EXT-5
Expandable coiled cable with 4 or 5-pin XLR connectors. 2 ft. retracted / 10 ft. extended
Model # 6-ETP
3 sets eartips for EM-3 earphones. Specify one size: small, medium, or large
earphone install tool
headband sizer
Model # CM-WSN
Windscreen with
o-ring for CM-i3
Model # CM-BCP
Belt-clip accessory for XLR connector
Model #

Cable wrap with earphone installation tool
Model # CM-HSi
Headband Sizer. Attachment suitable for a tighter headband fit




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