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Earworn Microphones for Houses of Worship

  Improve liturgy with ear-worn microphones

Better Placement  ••  More Freedom •• Healthier Alternative


Why Ministers Need an Earworn Microphone
Congregations gather to come together as a community—and to reflect on what pastors have to say. Nothing frustrates a committed churchgoer more than not being able to hear what the pastor, minister or musician is delivering. In recent years, houses of worship have been investing in higher quality sound products—the result, pastors and musicians are getting their words and messages out to their congregations with increasing clarity. Many churches around the globe have had tremendous success in switching to the use of earsets as opposed to hand-held or lavalier microphones. The benefits of using ear-worn mics in houses of worship are many:

Superior mic placement – Point Source earworn microphones offer users in church and house of worship settings amazing sound quality. Because of the fixed proximity of the mic to the mouth—even when speakers turn their heads—the sound output remains consistent. With a dramatic reduction in feedback noise optimized for clarity, these earsets combine leading-edge comfort with durable, flexible designs resulting in extraordinary performance of your wireless microphone.

Freedom of movement – When using an earworn microphone, the pastor can more easily connect with the congregation. By being able to freely move about the stage or altar, a pastor can better express himself and deliver dynamic sermons and presentations. The technology is simple to use and the audio output is clear.

Healthier alternative – In some cases, the affordability of Point Source Audio earworn microphones allows pastors to have their own microphone. Sharing microphones, a common practice in many houses of worship and public settings, leads to a number of potential health issues. When microphones are used by several people, germs are spread through the mouthpiece and the handle. Droplets of saliva gather on the screen of the microphone, which can’t be properly cleaned or sterilized. These germs can live on microphones for several days and transmit viruses and bacteria to other users. Switching to a personal earset, can help pastors prevent illness by eliminating the spread of germs from sharing microphones. It’s now easier than ever to make this switch and own your own personal earworn microphone in these settings. This will result in less missed services and a healthier pastoral team.


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